Th(i)nkful Laundry List


Laundry list: a long or exhaustive list of people or things.

Have you ever crafted a laundry list of things you are th(i)nkful for? Don’t just brainstorm; write them down.

Here is a sampling of mine:

  • hearing rain falling
  • the smell of mown grass
  • the laundry of Hobbits drying in the sun (pic above)
  • the sound of eating a crisp chip
  • a child’s face of anticipation
  • the feeling I get when I do something I really didn’t want to do, but knew I should
  • smelling coffee brewing
  • seeing someone’s face after telling them how much you appreciate him/her
  • the threshold when I overcome a fear
  • Isaiah 41:10
  • chai tea prepared perfectly with sprinkled cinnamon on top
  • hope created in a difficult challenge
  • when someone is kind to a check-out teller
  • peace that permeates a space that was previously occupied by stress
  • deep joy that comes from my Creator
  • clean paper and sharp pencils
  • a good story with deep characters that inspire
  • answers to seemingly unsurmountable complications
  • a hot bath with bath oil
  • trusting in something trustworthy
  • truth
  • when thinking about truth causes fear to subside
  • David’s hands and forearms
  • sleep coming over me
  • clean fresh water
  • colors…especially green
  • love that sacrifices
  • touch of leather
  • a car that works well
  • sin confessed
  • cello music
  • Ephesians
  • Jesus
  • My Momma’s sweet face
  • birches
  • dyna mi (my feather comforter)
  • Grapetizer
  • Yankee Candles burning
  • giraffes
  • relief after pain
  • a clean conscience
  • a word of encouragement
  • singing a memorized spiritual song to myself
  • the smell and feel of fresh European bread
  • paying off a debt
  • a pleasant surprise
  • graduation
  • victory over plaguing sin
  • a commendation
  • kind thoughtfulness and thoughtful kindness
  • Joshua’s steadfastness
  • Stephanie’s thoughtful cards and gifts
  • Nicolas’ encouragement
  • Elly’s selfless kindness
  • an older woman in the Lord (not necessarily older age-wise) sharing wisdom and encouragement with me, especially how her life was changed because of scriptural truth
  • playing chess
  • my grandchildren’s faces
  • getting Zulu words down
  • when a friend finishes their life well for the Lord

“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens;
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens;
Brown paper packages tied up with strings.”

Lyrics from Sound of Music

How about composing your own list and sending the 10 best to me?

above picture taken in Hobbiton, Matamata, New Zealand

11 thoughts on “Th(i)nkful Laundry List

  1. * Fall breeze dancing through open windows
    * The sound of children laughing together
    * Excited and vulnerable conversation about a sermon with a friend
    * Meeting a new friend
    * Hearing stories of God’s grace in others’ lives.
    * Stressful, beautiful diversity in the church.
    * My next meal is provided. Always.
    * Jesus’ patience
    * Jesus’ righteousness
    * Jesus’ love

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  2. Laughter with friends
    The completion of a satisfying novel
    The church
    My husband’s arm around me
    Clean sheets, soft pillows,warm blankets
    Competent co-workers
    Memories that remind me of the journey I have traveled
    God’s mercy

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  3. The sound of waves crashing on the shore.
    The warm sun.
    The quiet of the snow falling.
    The soft, silky feeling of JoJo’s (my dog) fur.
    My very happy Yellow Lab, Cassie.
    My husband of 43 years!
    Knowing that God has a plan for my life. Jer. 29:11
    Surviving breast cancer (for 30 years) and being able to see my children graduate from high school, college, and get married.
    My six wonderful grandchildren- who are growing up too fast!
    Faithful brothers and sisters in the Lord ( including you, Karin) who’ve prayed for me over the years.
    Fond memories of Limerick Chapel.
    Living with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia and being able to trust God completely.
    II Timothy 1:7

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  4. Brisk mornings to walk and drink in the beauty of a fall morning.

    A very specific answer to prayer.

    A quiet morning when the kids sleep in, so I can dig into the Word without noise.

    A new friend for my daughter.

    Warm apple crisp

    (I have been studying James. ๐Ÿ˜‰)

    God’s generous gift of wisdom when I lack and then ask.

    My humility, submission, and repentance result in more grace.

    The promise that when I draw near to God, MY GOD WILL DRAW NEAR TO ME!!!!

    Grace that is enabling me to be aware and practice setting aside distractions and idols that keep me from drawing near.

    The practical picture of wisdom that is from above in James 3:17-18. James got to live life with Jesus, so he is able to give us an amazing description of what perfect wisdom from above looked like.

    Thanks for the sharpening reminders to think thanks! Need them!

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  5. PS I am also thankful for this study on Psalm 103 that is encouraging me to bless the Lord and remember ALL his benefits. I received a free copy and decided it would be helpful for a young believer that I am discipling. I am also using it with my two youngest kids. Helpful guidance on how to study a chapter and hopefully learn to meditate on it. It is simple, but some people have never been taught how to do this. The author also uses these with group studies on FB and Instagram if moms want interaction.

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