Simply Lavender

simply lavender

One reason I am doing this blog is to get people speaking about and writing down the things for which they are thankful. Most people wait for feelings of thankfulness, but we should live more purposefully. We can obviously be thankful for big things, but much of the joy in life is found in expressing thanks for little things. Lavender for example.

th(i)nkful list about lavender:

  1. the scent makes me feel expensive and classy
  2. lavender has a natural ability to sooth and relax
  3. lavender grows well on the hill around 7 Rivers Farm
  4. lavender is growing presently around our home in Atlanta, GA
  5. I love how God has created herbs to aid the well-being of humans
  6. lavender is the herb “spikenard” referred to in Song of Solomon 4:14
  7. Mary anointed Jesus’ feet in John 12:3 with costly spikenard (lavender oil)
  8. lavender can deter moths in stored clothing
  9. lavender grows usually in neat compact mounds
  10. lavender seems to have insect repellent properties, and maybe even repels snakes
  11. sprinkling lavender flower heads in bath water is such a treat to refresh

5 thoughts on “Simply Lavender

    • Yes, it is a form of nard. Fun to read about it.
      There is some controversy as to whether the spikenard/ nard used in the Bible was actually “nardostachys jatamansi” and not lavender because it was very aromatic and costly being grown in the Himalayas. I enjoyed learning about it.


  1. I absolutely LOVE lavender, it is so healthy in food and drinks too ♡♡♡ currently doing a short study (which i hope to share with Rachel and Kate) on companion planting. Lavender is so good for other foods that are grown as companions too. Love and miss you

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